We at Cincinnati Party Bus do our best to price our vehicles fairly and competitively. For the most accurate quotes and pricing, we suggest you give us a call or an e-mail with the exact bus that you're looking to rent and we'll be able to assist you. The reason we ask you to call is not to give you some sales pitch, but because the price of limousines and party buses change according to the day, week, and month. They also change during the time of day needed.

We like to give some basic tips on how pricing works at a party bus company in Cincinnati. Party Bus prices fluctuate by day with Sunday being the most affordable and Saturday evening being the most expensive, due to demand. So with that in mind, a great way to save money on your party bus is by scheduling it on a day other than Saturday if possible. Depending on the day, you will be able to save money dramatically.

With that in mind, sometimes it's not feasible to reschedule an entire event and we understand that, so be sure to ask us about our prom packages, wedding packages, and birthday packages. Sometimes we offer discounted rates depending on the time of year so do not hesitate to ask us about any package discounts that we might be offering at the time. You might fall into one of the categories!

Accurate Quotes:

As always we'll do our best to offer you the most fair and accurate pricing but some factors do come into play in order for us to do so. Generally when you call us and inform us that you need service, the first question we'll ask you is for how many people. This helps us gaugue the size of the vehicle to quote. After that we need to know the pickup and drop off location as well as the amount of hours. This helps us know if you're in or out of our range and for how many hours to quote. After that, you'll have a pretty accurate quote for you to shop around with.